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What participants are saying...

"Dunia provided The Art of Changing Your Life workshop for a specific female client group at Covenant House Toronto. Throughout the sessions, participants were engaged and were sharing their thoughts.

After the sessions ended, changes in interactions with each other were quite visible and they were motivated.

They provided positive feedback to Dunia.

I think anyone would benefit from these workshops regardless of their age.

Highly recommended."

Pulsara Batra

Manager, Volunteer Services/Mentorship Program -  Covenant House Toronto

"The most impactful part of the Art of Changing Your Life workshop was realizing I had self-worth. Dunia was very effective. She speaks with passion and you can feel what she feels. You can tell she wants to help.

I loved meeting you Dunia! You made me find my way. You opened my eyes. You are such a kind, caring, passionate person! I wish you all the best in life!"

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"The Art of Changing Your Life workshop has given me the courage to seek for my potential. Dunia was so creative and gave me clear information. I learned a lot from the participation, and I am so glad I attended. This has changed me a lot. I recommend this workshop because it is life changing."

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"Dunia is highly effective with a strong grasp of the content being delivered. She shared and encouraged open discussion in a safe place. This workshop reminded me of all I have achieved, all I am yet to achieve and that my dreams are tangible. Anyone would benefit from this workshop especially young adults as they are very impressionable, and trying to figure out who they are and how to navigate life. Thank you so much."

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"I participated in the Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Changing Your Life workshop in February 2022. I will say that it allowed me to have more clarity about my own life projects. The way Dunia facilitates the workshop, the different topics covered and the sharing between participants, make us question our beliefs, our thoughts, our emotions and how to take charge of our life. After this workshop, "The Art of Changing Your Life" really took on its full meaning for me."

Laura-Line G. ~ Cambridge

"Dunia is a helpful, effective and caring instructor. Not only are her classes well organized and presented, but Dunia has a gift for engaging discussions which guide and allow her students to evolve and awaken as they participate. I enjoyed her Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Changing Your Life workshop and appreciate her continuing supportive emails!"

Deborah C. ~ Goderich

"Last year I had the pleasure of attending Dunia’s Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Changing Your Life course. The course has helped me identify personal drivers and inhibitors as well as setting the ground for achieving immediate and long-term goals. 

Dunia was well prepared and had many examples to support the course material. She was a great facilitator, sharing her own experiences to explain a concept and providing space to all participants to express their ideas. This group discussion added tremendous value to the course. 

For that I highly recommend Dunia’s Infinite Possibilities course."

Walid S. ~ Montreal

"I attended Dunia’s workshop late 2023, and I’m grateful for everything I've achieved since then. Also for giving me the strength to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. One of the lessons that stuck with me is that through positive affirmations, I can change my mindset and mood even when things are difficult. That my thoughts can manifest my future meaning that negative thoughts can lead to bad experiences and positive thoughts can lead to good experiences.

Thank you for giving me the tools that changed my life."

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"As a youth from Covenant house, Dunia's workshop was exactly what I needed to unlock my potential and believe in a better future. She taught me how to unlearn the biases and negative traditions that were holding me back from becoming my true self. She showed me that my ideal life is not impossible no matter how unrealistic it may seem. Especially for a youth like me that is in difficult circumstances, she taught me how to change my perspective and find the silver lining in every cloud."

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"Dunia was very effective. She was impactful and many of her examples/stories resonate with me. I enjoyed learning more about myself and my peers. The environment was safe and encouraging and the sessions ended with everyone talking. This workshop was beneficial in more ways than intended. Keep this going! I would recommend this workshop to others, especially young adults that need redirection."

Client of Covenant House Toronto

"I have read many self-help books and attended many motivational seminars, and I can say without a doubt that the Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Changing Your Life workshop that you shared with me and my family is truly changing my life!

The workshop is full of uplifting wisdom, but I want to mention three points that stood out to me:

  1. Our beliefs create our reality.

  2. We have the power to create the life we want.

  3. We must take action as if success is inevitable.

I feel that I have an expert coach on my side. Thank you for sharing your message, your passion, your energy, and the steps necessary to build the life I dream of!"

Hana M., MBA ~ Detroit

"I attended Dunia’s workshop in early 2022 and over the next six months I saw significant improvements in different areas of my life including sports and my career. By changing my thinking I was able to start a new job and raise my tennis game to new levels. I believe now in Infinite Possibilities."

Dave M. ~ Toronto

"It was a great experience to be in a group discussing and exploring infinite possibilities in my life. The way Dunia facilitated the discussions was of great value. She helped us delve into the principles and see our life from different perspectives. It is a workshop that can literally make a turning point in one's life. Thank you Dunia and thank you to the group."

Samar S. ~ Beirut

"It was an amazing experience to get the chance to discuss with Dunia my own life project and exploring my dreams from different perspectives. It has been the catalyst for profound change in my life.

Dunia has a lot of ideas and practical suggestions for imagining what I wanted my new life to look like. It made me feel more positive about the future. Thank you Dunia for your amazing advice and for giving me the tools to have a better life.

If you need help - ask a professional. And if you want a professional who is insightful, supportive and non-judgemental to talk to, then speak to Dunia."

Lamia E. ~ Mississauga

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