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Dunia Wojtarowicz, B.Sc.

Fully trilingual: English, French and Arabic

Diploma in Adult Education (OISE)

Certified Trainer, Infinite Possibilities Programs

Oakville, Ontario - Canada

For over 25 years, I have been teaching adults and children in English, French and Arabic. Throughout the years, my interest in teaching has changed to a more collaborative role. I really enjoy facilitating self-development topics in a safe environment where we share opinions and personal experiences. These discussions bring awareness to the group about different life perspectives and lead to inner growth and transformation.

My husband and I have raised 3 beautiful children with various life interests and experiences. Throughout this journey together, our family has gone through several challenging circumstances. Those triggered some discomfort, frustration, worry and doubt. These negative feelings led me to seek out several spiritual and developmental modalities such as the ThetaHealing Technique, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping, Access Consciousness (including the Access Bars Technique) and the Infinite Possibilities Certification, among others. I took a multitude of courses and read many books to obtain more clarity into my own reality and the meaning of life. Going through this process made me understand that our life is mirroring our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and choices. I realized that each one of us has the innate power to change their life and manifest whatever they desire.

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